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Trump's Address Contains No Surprise
Mar 01 00:33 ET - Oil N' Gold
US President Donald Trump's State of the Union address sent little surprise to the market. Although, before Trump's address, the press secretary noted that "the President will lay out an optimistic vision for the country, crossing traditional lines o...Read more...

Markets Commentaries

Gold: Gold Extends Its Losses In The Morning Session
Mar 01 02:06 ET - GCI Financial
The pair is expected to find support at 1237.43, and a fall through could take it to the next support level of 1231.57. The pair is expected to find i...
Silver: White Metal Trading Lower In The Morning Session
Mar 01 02:05 ET - GCI Financial
The pair is expected to find support at 18.22, and a fall through could take it to the next support level of 18.13. The pair is expected to find its f...

Technical Analysis

Bullion and Energy Market Commentary
Mar 01 00:45 ET - HY Markets
Gold prices fell, despite risk aversion remained high ahead of Trump's budget speech before a joint session at the Congress. The commodity was partial...
Bullion and Energy Market Commentary
Feb 27 23:32 ET - HY Markets
Gold prices extended their advance at the beginning of the day, with spot reaching a fresh yearly high of 1,263.79 before ending the day in the red, a...

Research Reports

WTI: No Longer A Benchmark For Oil Prices
Feb 13 11:31 ET - Wells Fargo Securities
The continuous divergence between the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent prices has called into question whether markets should continue...
Junior Gold Stocks Rebound from Lows
Jan 31 03:08 ET - Trendsman Research
The junior sector had a very difficult year in 2011 but has led the recent recovery (at least statistically) in the precious metals sector. Two of our...
The Gold Stocks are Tracking Past Equity Bull Markets
Jan 10 10:27 ET - Trendsman Research
All bull markets have similarities and all equity bull markets have strong similarities. They go through similar phases. Most bull markets start off s...
Commodity Price Volatility to Continue
Jan 02 09:55 ET - Wells Fargo Securities
If 2011 was a wild year for energy and commodity prices, our expectation is that 2012 will be no different, as the news coming from Europe and other p...

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Educational Articles

Five Fatal Flaws of Trading
If you’ve been trading for a long time, you no doubt have felt that a monstrous, invisible hand so...
The Changing Face of Market Information
Blogging has become an important source of publishing, owing to its timeliness and ready availabilit...
Three Creative Approaches to Market Analysis
One of the joys of blogging about trading is the opportunity to discover interesting people doing wo...
What a Difference Four Months Make
While the media divines the changes in the U.S. since 9/11 five years ago, I look back four months t...
The Value of Market Blogs
Recently, we've seen several attempt to identify the best blogs for traders and investors. Kiplinger...

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