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About Us

Commodity trading has evolved as an important investment instrument in portfolio investment in recent years as it is perceived to have low correlation with stocks and bonds. Today, metal, energy, agricultural goods and livestock are actively traded commodities. However, the most popular ones are precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as oil. This is also where our site focuses.

Oil N’ Gold aims at providing traders the most timely information and precise analyses on commodity trading.

Main features:

ONG Focus: Prepared by our in-house analysts, the ‘Market Insight’ section provides traders comments on latest fundamentals of the market, news digests and analysis on latest economic data. The title speaks for itself, ‘Technical Analysis’ are technical studies on WTI crude oil, natural gas, gold and silver futures.

Pivots: Using previous bars’ highs, lows, closes, we can project the support and resistance levels for future bars. Throughout the day, Oil N’ Gold provides you daily and weekly pivots with charts which are useful for swing trading and identification of important support and resistance levels, respectively.

ONG Bias: Derived from our proprietary models, ONG Bias is a technical study of commodity futures which can be used to determine the primary direction of an instrument, to decide whether your trade should be exited and to make a trade decision by cross-referencing a commodity price movement in difference timeframes.

Economic Calendar: Summary of economic indicators to be released.

News: Real-times updates on economic and commodity news for investors to monitor the market 24 hours a day.

Analysis: Selected fundamental and technical analyses from external sources.

Tutorials: This section is tailored for novice readers as it shows how one can get started in the diverse world of commodity trading and how a profit can be made. Various types of analysis tools and trading strategies are introduced.